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Reserve your cryptocurrencies and gain daily passive income with auto Bot trade powered by A.I. We've developed a cutting edge technology, where you can invest safely with stable source of passive income. The fastest and most secured exchange platform and lowest fee with multiple security layers, which includes:

⋅ Watch market movement from over 100 crypto exchanges
⋅ Monitor market changes from over 100 crypto exchanges
⋅ Reserve digital assets such as Bitcoin & Ethereum
⋅ Result of auto trade A.I. robot on over 10 largest exchanges
⋅ Latest news and events in the cryptocurrency market and finance market


Global Capital Smart Tech limited

GlobalTrade is the first company to register legally in the world to develop blockchain AI. We call that the Blockchain 4.0, with GCoin as the first representative.

Our cutting edge product is Venusbot AI, with complete A.I. technology for robot trade and has been tested on multiple platforms.

Legal basis is the foundation for us to accomplish what we had planned . With the reputation for connecting giant companies from multiple industries: finance, technology, E-commerce.

Robot A.I. Technology

Hold Bitcoin & Ethereum
Monitor Top 100 Market
A.I. Auto Trade
Follow latest news & events
Smart Invest
Official Launch
10th August 2019

Robot A.I.

Global Trade's AI Technology

Applying the latest AI technology on automatic programming trade to calculate the price difference coefficient between exchanges, identifying the need to buy and sell through bots, buying at low prices and immediately selling at high prices when the profit margin is guaranteed, and the reasonable capital allocation steps among couples...

The above are integrated in the bottrade system that we call venusaibot. Our fund has a clear fund operation criterion: investment security - profit stability - information security - sustainable development.


Global Trade Project

Globaltrade is the first platform in the world to integrate a full range of five large technologies in an app, you can safely store your assets, it is an open source and only you can manage your private key.

Tracking market fluctuations in the most accurate way, clearly displaying, easy to identify, updating information of investment opportunities to multiplying profits.

Especially in June 2020, there will be an upgrade of the integrated version of crypto and forex trade on globaltrade. The version is available on all apps such as appstore, play store, window...

ROADMAP & Target

We will carry out trade fund development from 07/2019 to 07/2024 (release GCoin in March and StableCoin USDG August/2020)

  • 2019

    Reach the target of 10.000 globaltrade investors developing in 20 countries

  • 2020

    Reach the target of 60.000 globaltrade investors developing in 50 countries

  • 2021

    Reach the target of 140.000 globaltrade investors developing in 80 countries

  • 2022

    Reach the target of 500.000 globaltrade investors developing in 110 countries

  • 2023

    Reach the target of 800.000 globaltrade investors developing in 140 countries

  • 2024

    Reach the target of 1.300.000 globaltrade investors developing in 180 countries


Our advisors and board members are great part of our team.

Anderson James Augus
Founder & CEO Experienced in successfully managing and operating 3 large global companies on fintech
Rick Pan
CTO Chief technology officer for many AI projects Develop the application of blockchain into practice
Richard Jonathan
Financial Director Experienced in managing fintech projects for 8 years Master of Business Administration MBA
Director of Communications & External Affairs 5 years of media development experience Fluent in 5 languages
John Marken
Asia Market Development Manager Being a successful start up in Silicon Valley, starting a business 6 months reselling IBM enterprise worth 25 million USD



Below we’ve provided a bit cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Trade AI platform?

Trade AI is an automatically programmed platform that identifies conditional market trends of information from buy orders and sell orders, volume orders, volume orders, order history,etc to make capital allocation decisions , order decision, order confirmation, manage interest rates, manage capital most efficiently. All of the above processes are performed by functions and logic commands automatically perform the fastest processing speed.

- Globaltrade is a fully registered company with legal status with Belize, a country with a strict legal regime that requires a high level of financial and operational background is closely monitored state, public audit, full tax payment.
- Investor's capital is guaranteed by a clear investment contract, the Belize trade ministry is the intermediary of the investment fund.
- Globaltrade has a talented young management team, who are well-trained technology experts from the world's leading technology and management institutes, the leadership team also held important positions for the big corporation.
- AI technology platform and non-centralized blockchain asset management, implementation of 3-layer security
- Globaltrade is an open technology platform and fully automated withdrawal process, fast transaction time, low transaction fee, self-managed private key.

The market for cryptocurrencies and forex trading daily has reached thousand of billions USD volume, this is a fertile piece of cake for Venusbot AI to make effective profit every hour, we trade over 10 The world's largest crypto trading platform and 4 huge trading markets are foreign exchange, stocks, gold and oil.

We choose bitcoin and Ethereum as the two largest currencies on the market, which offer fast transaction processing speed, low transaction fees, 24/7 liquidity and conversion, and large transaction volumes.
You can easily buy and deposit immediately, the only investment method is Ethereum, but you can convert bitcoin to Ethereum quickly and invest.

Dual interest is the 8th wonder of humanity, the reason is the biggest leverage of all economic investment models, Ethereum is the most potential blockchain, company already gave you a growing profit, a maximum investment policy of 1.9% / 365 days benefit is the second source of income that is also the biggest leverage of the dual profit for your assets.

The first event for the Southeast Asian market

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